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Life in KMS....

It's killing me...muahahahahaha

Writer's Block: Reading Aloud

One of the highlights of going to a literary festival is hearing authors read from their own works. What author, living or dead, would you most like to hear read?
Living or dead? Why...I would most certainly would like to hear J.R.R Tolkien read his works. I cannot begin to imagine how extensive an imagination such a person who created Middle-Earth would have. To hear Middle-Earth come to life from the author's own mouth would be a surreal experience. I found that if a story is read aloud by the writer themselves (and the writer has a talent for story-telling) the stories comes alive even more than any other story-teller. The authors, perhaps, knowing the characters and the setting of their own story brings to life the emotion and beauty in the story almost akin to a composer of music, a maestro, expressing the emotion and beauty of the music they bring.



Miahahaha...as I promised. Ill be moving my main posts in another blog.

Welcome to my new blog.

Quill an Ink



I can forgive anyone easily. As easy as I breathe or as I see the world around me. I don't need reasons for forgiveness. But really...don't remind me what I forgave you about in the first place. Opening old wounds with me is NOT clever. Especially if the wound is caused by betrayal. Betrayal cuts deeper than any wound and DO NOT REMIND ME of it.

I know it happened. I accept it as a fact of life but do not expect me to go on as if it is a festering wound that needs to be reminded about and be cleansed. For me...you cut me, I''ll have a scar that reminds me of it because i sewed it together as soon as I received it and not allow it to fester. You might think I'm wrong...so be it. Once I put any case to rest.
Shut it.
Don't remind me.
And don't drag me along for any Q & A session when the wound is still raw.


Writer's Block: Secret Crush

Everyone knows having a crush at the office or in class can make the time pass a little bit quicker. Is it better to keep your crush a secret or tell them how you feel?
Let me tell you guys something...I can't hide a secret as big as having a crush for long. It usually shows in my behaviour and also my body language. Telling him that I like him during first semester here was one HUGE mistake. Well not in a sense that I regret telling him about 'I like him' but in the sense that I got extremely embarassed to face him after that. I fear rejection, thank you very much. I've liked only ONE measly guy before I came to know my current crush and I do not know what his reaction would be. Would he like me back - like my fifth form crush did - or would he ignore me and pretend I don't exist?

Let's just say pretending I don't exist is not his reaction...avoiding as much as possible seems to be the thing. Really... the first semester I avoided even passing next to him much less talk to him. I'm very muddled and puzzled but curious too...

I don't know if its better to keep a secret about liking your crush but from my two experiences...Telling would be excruciating...



Scrap This...First Warning

Starting 31st October, I'll be stopping this blog and moving to another one. Haha. This little journal will still exist but then I'll just be using it for my 100 snapshots quest and other community stuff.


Writer's Block: R.E.A.D. in America Day

In celebration of R.E.A.D. in America Day, tell us about what you're reading. How is reading important to you? What would you recommend to others?

Well...well..well. Isn't this fun. Wish they had a R.E.A.D in Malaysia day... I'd be more than thrilled to be among the celebrating mass. Muahahaha. Right.

I'd say reading has been my life long love affair. I have thick enough glass lenses to testify my insatiable need no read. Rain or shine, light or dark, day or night. So far...I'd say the number of book's I've read would be around, uh, 100 or just about. It's a small number, eh? Well, it should be considering that most of the books I've read means I've bought them. And most of the books cost around RM25 and more. So...I'd have invested about nearly RM3000++ to my voracious appetite for books. Yikes...

What am I reading now? Ah, well, lets see, I've bought...
There's Sophie Kinsella's The Undomestic Goddess, Melissa de la Cruz's Masquerade: Blue Bloods, Mary Balogh's The Ideal Wife, Meg Cabot's Victoria and the Rouge and ah, of course, my favourite author Angie Sage's Queste. Ah...I'll finish these in half a week...

Currently I'm reading The Undomestic Goddess. It's an interesting idea and I expect to get a few or more laughs out of this book and well...you get the idea.

So what am I recommending? If you don't like to read...catch a movie if you must or watch a play. I, for one, think that reading books helps you imagine things. Bad or good, grotesque or beautiful, it's all up to our own perceptions. No two books appeal to the same person... Why, you could even guess what sort of person someone is from the books he or she reads...

I love magic and the occult, vampire and all things immortal, Victorian era stories are just lovely not to mention out of this world quirkyness. Add a dash of romance or maybe even a whole bottle of it and I'm hooked. What do you make of that?


Writer's Block: Speak Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy me hearties, the call of the sea be strong! Seein' as it's Speak Like a Pirate Day, let's have all ye landlubbers, scallywags and sprogs tell us in a buccaneer's tongue who yer first mate be, and what sort of booty yer willin' to walk the plank for. Savvy?
Aye, this be the funniest writer's block I be ever seein'. Me first mate would be someone I trust and none of ye scurvy dogs have that honour. Aye, that be true. Muahahaha. But if Tidal Lady be needing a first mate I be pickin' me old matey, Sheeka. Harhar. She be wanting to jump ship in a storm though... But well.

A booty eh? Let's see. I be willin' to walk the plank for anything that glitters, mate. But not all that glitters is gold, eh?

Trigger Happy

Let's start this off with an account of the mid semester exams last week. IT PURELY SUCKED!!! Honestly. So...as you can see that would be me on a Friday morning right off the bat after Agama exam and also terribly sleepy because I had to finish my sociology paper the night before...and i had no sleep yet. So i was technically awake for about 36 hour in this picture. 

The reason why pictures were taken after the exams was...because we had no pictures of us. I mean, a full 13 people, TESL class, 11 girls, 2 boys picture. Not even ONE. So...these are the outcomes.

So, after a nice day of taking pictures...I had the opportunity to reveal my culinary...err, make that cooking skills, by whipping up some nice batch of custard sauce pudding with Misya. Yeah...I love making deserts. So...more pictures....miahaha.

me cooking the custard...

It's steaming hot..

It's finished..miahahaha

So...ends my current story. See ya till next time.


Conspirators against Mainstream Music


Okay...as Wankhai cleverly put it in his beautiful blog...we are conspirators for destroying the ear drums of TESLian Batch 8 class...excluding present company (in picture). Actually truth to be told, I was fighting with Lokman over what Raya songs to put on... Lokman was like...errr....70's songs. HELP MY EAR DRUMS!!! All right, my mum loves them too but not to Lokman's extent. Grrr...

This crazy event happened yesterday...and all right...I know people think weird things about me and Lokman but hear me, hear me... we have nothing to do with each other except the fact that I am his classmate albeit the only one who has a penchant for acting like the rest of the class's little sister 90% of the times. Hey...I only know how to be a kid sister...is that so damn strange???

So...the main story is that Lokman was putting on 70's songs and loving the cringe on the rest of the classes face while I was next to him getting annoyed and trying with all my ability to change the Raya songs to...at least 90's songs. haha...


Writer's Block: Ramadan Anyone?

Ramadan begins this week. How do you and/or your family celebrate month nine of the Islamic calendar? How are the events of the month important to you?

Honestly...when I saw this Writer's Block in LJ, my eyebrows raised right up to my hairline. Oh, okay. LJ actually acknowledges Ramadan.
All right.
Still getting over the shock.

All right...to answer... I celebrate this month, of course, by fasting. This year I'll be fasting for 3 weeks in college and 1 week at home. It's extremely fun having iftar with my friends, and sahur...it's even more fun to fast together for three weeks. Going to classes from morning until afternoon, I assure you, takes a heavy toll on my skinny-skin-skin body. The last time I fasted that long while going to school (boarding school) I fainted dead away from dehydration...haha. Nuts. So since I have that crazy experience under my belt I'm making sure that I drink enough water for sahur.

Initially, I live in a Muslim country and the people around me would be Muslims too. I could say that it feels blissful fasting alongside my sisters and brothers. oh, there are other people who practice other religions but since Islam is largely practiced here...you can see the difference between those who are practising different religions during this month. At any time of the hour you can hear someone reciting the Koran. Maghrib, Isya' and tarawikh prayers here is usually seen done in jamaah. If it's the weekends we girls usually pray in jamaah for at least 3 out of 5 prayer times. Basically, we are trying to increase our ibadah for this month of blessings. Wheee.

A tradition in my country is the 'balik kampung' affair. It basically means that those who have travelled away from their hometown would come back around the last week of Ramadan to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr with family - And I mean family - from first cousins to aunts to second cousins all congregate to one home (usually the eldest in the family branch - parents/ grandparents/ great-grandparents/ eldest sibling) to celebrate. Well, friends are invited but of course, family first. The tradition of celebrating Eid-ul-fitr is what caused my nasty pre-occupation for buying bus tickets to go back home. The tickets are SOLD OUT....am I to be stranded here in college? Well...to be continued.

All in all...i hope this month of blessings would be a blessing for me, my firends and all the Muslims out there.... Happy Fasting.




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